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Vice Chancellor

Dear All,

It gives me a sense of pride and pleasure to be the first Vice Chancellor of Himalayan Garhwal University (HGU), Uttarakhand. HGU  established in the year 2016 with a focus to educate and motivate the students of hilly areas of Garhwal and Kumaun to get job oriented professional, technical education, higher education alongwith entrepreneurship skills, enable them to start their own enterprise, business or industries leading to development of their place of origin with local resources.


This University aims to be an asset for the region and country as well to cater to multifaceted educational needs. The objectives of University are to provide multiple courses and programmes as per the guidelines of UGC, and to prepare the students to become successful in life and eventually becoming responsible. Curricula and the courses will be develop to encourage and prepare students to develop their personality with the help of conceptual knowledge, learning of languages, behavioural science, environment and Yoga & Spirituality


Words of Swami Vivekananda gives us mantra for development: “Take up one Idea, make that one idea your life, think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain mussels, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea and just leave other idea alone. This is way to success that is the way great spiritual giants are produced”


HGU has strategic advantages of pollution free, noise free, lush green environment with state-of-the art facilities, well connected with National Highway. The University will have a blend of experienced and comparatively young Faculty Members, who are committed to educate, train and guide students with a mission. 

University also currently imparting formal education up to doctoral level in selected emerging areas and developing facilities for appropriate infrastructure, education and support Skill Development Mission. HGU has been set up as an institution with diverse learning environment and with a vision to make it, and grow as a leading multidisciplinary University of the country.


I welcome and congratulate the stake holders, teachers and staff, students and the parents who chose to be a part of this University. I also congratulate the promoters of the University for their untiring Effort for establishment of the University. I am sure that you will be and make us proud with academic excellence. 

Wishing you to channelize positive energy for the best.



"Prof. (Dr.) N.K. Sinha"