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Provisions for Weightage (For Preparing Merit List)

Following 4% weightage marks are allowed:-

(i) 4%  weighatge for the students,  in terms of Qualifying Examination/ Class, Who have participated  in the games at National I State I Inter University games in AIU (Association  of Indian  University)/ IOA (Indian  Olympic Association) Sponsored/ Recognized or Who has Certificate of Training in sports by SAi( Sport Authority of India).

(ii) 4% weightage to the dependent of H.G.U Employee (Son/Daughter.Wife/Husband).

(iv) (a) 3% weightage for NCC "C" Certificate holders OR "G - II" Certificate holders

      (b) 2% weightage for NCC "B" Certificate holders OR "G - I"  Certificate holders only  in Qualifying Exams.

      (C) 3% weightage for participating in  National Scout Scheme (NSS) - having served for 240 Hrs. and participation in 2 Camp of 7/10 days. OR  2% weightage in NSS for having served for 240 Hrs. and participation n Camp of 7 / 10 days OR 1% weighatge, who have served 240 Hrs. in NSS or 120 Hrs. service in NSS with 1 Camp or above.

Following weightage is allowed for participating in Scouting and in activities relating to Ranger/ Rover-

(i)  4% weightage, Who  have been honored by The Hon'ble President of India.

(ii)  3% weightage, Who  have been honored by The Hon'ble Governor.

Participating in  NSS at Intermediate Level OR/AND Sports Quota Admissions, may be allowed  by the  Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor as super numeric.

Important Implications of Weightage System

(1) Maximum weightage allowed is 8% in all circumstances (Except 12% weightage is allowed to the dependent of the Employee of the University- Husband/Wife/Son/Daughter).

(2)  Weighatge will not surpass the Division (Third, Second and First Division)

For example, A candidate with 46% marks plus 4% weightage (i.e. 50% Marks) may not be given preference to the candidate who  has obtained 48% marks {llnd  Division)  will  be given preference to the candidate obtaining 50% marks with weightage.