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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Excellence is a thought and attitude everyone willing to achieve. Management is the only discipline to excel systematically.  Management is a combination of streams which is blended with all streams available.  Management education imparts both theoretical and practical learning congenial of Business environment.  Management Degree undergraduate and postgraduate play important role in developing conceptual knowledge and business practice among students.  Students are free to opt either employment through placement or develop business acumen.  Experienced and innovative faculty members allow discussing all the business related problems for suitable and feasible solutions of the particular problems.  Department of Management studies adopt latest delivery mechanism and ready to provide consultancy to specific problems. The management maintains the discipline and boosts the morale of the individuals by applying the principles of decentralization and delegation of authority. It motivates the employees through monetary and non­monetary incentives. It helps in creating and maintaining better work culture.

The employment of experts in various fields will help in enhancing the efficiency of various factors of production. There should be a proper environment which should encourage good persons to join the enterprise. The better pay scales, proper amenities, future growth potentialities will attract more people in joining a concern.


Faculty of Commerce and Management


Course Duration:

2 years ( 4 Sem)

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