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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering is the one of the largest departments in the University since India has the potential to be a global technology leader. Skill development initiative by the Government of India is imperative to this fact that without technically sound human resources we cannot dream of develop nation. Engineering colleges are stand-alone and not integrated with science, arts, humanities, law, and management to develop a multi- disciplinary university .Growth of Indian economy has been around 8%. Contribution of manufacturing sector is increasing considerably According to Planning Commission, Government of India, 2015, increasing the share of manufacturing from the current 16 per cent to 25 per cent over the next decade, with a mission to “Make in India” .The Indian industry has also become globally competitive in several sectors and have potential to increase its global market share. A critical factor in this is an expectation of success of the technical education system in India. Himalayan Garhwal University aims at integrating engineering courses with other related disciplines. Engineering courses specially designed for the students can pursue fulltime regular Diploma initially, undergraduate degree , post graduate or integrated undergraduate and  post graduate course either in engineering or other related fields.  University has potential to achieve the highest standards in both research and teaching through pool of learned and experienced faculty. It aims at international reputation to attract the best students, academicians, sponsors and partners from around the world. HGU has a strategic roadmap for achieving academic and professional excellence mentioned in its Mission.


Lateral Entry: After 12th Pass with Mathematics / ITI Pass will get admission in Mechanical Engineering in 2nd Year.

If Student leaves the course after completing 1 Year he/she will get Certificate in Mechanical Engineering.
Else If Student leaves the course after completing 2 Years he/she will get Advance Certificate in Mechanical Engineering.
Else Student completes 3 Years he/she will get a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.


Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Course Duration:

3 Years (6 Sem)

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On the basis of Merit/ Entrance