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Anti Ragging Committee


The literal meaning of ragging is to scold/to tease/to harassed physically or Mentally. But with the passage of the time it has changed its form. Today this word creates fear students are more worried about facing ragging than getting admission in the collages/universities. Infect they don’t want to join the collage immediately after getting admission. Some times during the process of ragging students have to face such a humiliation that they don’t even hesitate to end their lives. Commits suicides. Therefore ragging has been declared a serious crime under the Indian Panel Court and banned everywhere.

According to U.G.C Act 1956-To make ant ragging policy is mandatory for universities & other institutes/collages. Himalayan Garhwal University is cautious that such activates should not happen in its entire campus/classrooms. Committee has been formed to deal with it. If any complaint of ragging is brought committee will act immediately. F.I.R will be filed to the local Police station within 24 hrs against those who are involved in it. Committee will make sure that justice will be done to the victim. He/ She should not be harassed physical or Mentally. By following U.G.C policy strict action will be taken against the guilty students/accused. They will be suspended from universities, collages institutes and their parents too will be informed about this.

Himalayan Garhwal University wants to become a model University of Uttarakhand state in field of admission by stopping such crime to happen and provide fearless education to the youngsters of the country. We are aware about our children’s future and want them not to get involved in the activities like ragging instead contribute in the development of their own areas state and country in this regard Himalayan Garhwal University will stand by their side.   

MR. R. R. S. Kandari



Dr. Pankaj Tiwari



MR. S. S. Rawat



Ms. Preeti Rawat



Ms. Pallavi